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Playing for Team Human today, master of human connection and consensus, Loomio co-founder Richard Bartlett. Bartett coming all the way from New Zealand, stopped by Douglas’s home studio while on a community organizing workshop tour of the US.

On today’s show, Bartlett and Rushkoff discuss the challenges of building consensus in an all too often top-down, winner-takes all society. Together we’ll learn how Loomio, inspired by the general assemblies of Occupy Wall Street, strives to amplify collaborative power and foster more participatory democratic practice. It’s a project that starts with small-scale, human-to-human connection and grows outward from there.

Si en un primer momento, las redes sociales permitieron la autoorganización de miles de personas contra sus gobernantes y contra las finanzas internacionales, ahora parece que escándalos como el de Cambridge Analytica nos dibujan un futuro quizá no tan complaciente. ¿Seremos capaces de usar la tecnología para construir un mañana post-capitalista o será usada en nuestra contra como una forma de control social?

Your big questions about the future answered. How science will influence and change our lives. Britt Wray and Ellie Cosgrave present a fortnightly investigation of a hot science topic in about 30 minutes. The Tomorrow’s World podcast will begin a second run of episodes in early 2018.