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Using the :Git command, you can run any arbitrary git command from inside Vim. I prefer to switch to the shell for anything that generates a log of output, such as git log for example. But commands that generate little or no output are fair game for running from inside Vim (:Git checkout -b experimental for example).

At Vim’s command line, the % symbol has a special meaning: it expands to the full path of the current file. You can use this to run any git command that expects a filepath as an argument, making the command act on the current file.

The :global command is your friend – learn it well. It lets you run arbitrary :ex commands on every line that matches a regex. It abbreviates to :g.

To delete all lines that match “George Bush”:

:g/George Bush/ d

The command that follows can have its own address/range prefix, which will be relative to the matched line. So to delete the 5th line after George Bush:

:g/George Bush/ .+5 d

To delete the DEBUG log entries:

:g/DEBUG/ .,+10 d