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Hello and welcome! We (Matt Stempeck, Micah Sifry of Civic Hall, and Erin Simpson, previously of Civic Hall Labs and now at the Oxford Internet Institute) put this sheet together to try to organize the civic tech field by compiling hundreds of civic technologies and grouping them to see what patterns emerge. We started doing this because we think that a widely-used definition and field guide would help us: share knowledge with one another, attract more participation in the field, study and measure impact, and move resources in productive directions. Many of these tools and social processes are overlapping: our categories are not mutually exclusive nor collectively exhaustive.

ParticipateDB is a collaborative catalogue that tracks the tools and services that make up this exciting and fast emerging digital engagement spaces. Project examples provide insights into the many ways these technologies are being applied in practice. And the resource section collects third-party information for additional context, from product white papers to academic case studies and more.