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Linkoteca. Desktop environment

Xfce is the oldest of the popular lightweight Linux desktop environments. It uses the GTK+ toolkit, just like the more popular GNOME interface that serves as the default for Ubuntu and Fedora.

MATE is a fork of GNOME 2 that formed when GNOME was transitioning to version 3.0. If you’ve ever used a version of GNOME from before 2011, then you’ve essentially used MATE. Although some things have changed, the fundamentals remain the same.

LXDE uses the now very dated GTK+ 2 library, so the lead developer decided to switch to Qt instead. He combined his efforts with the RazorQt team to create LXQt in order to replace LXDE.

There two main paths to look for entries to autostart:

/etc/xdg/autostart – called system-wide and most of the application will place files when they are installed.
[user’s home]/.config/autostart – user’s applications to start when the user logs in .

There is a security problem here, which is sometimes installing a package will place an autostart file there because the maintainer decided it is important but the package might be just a dependency and the next time the user logs in unwanted program might execute and open ports!

Rice burner is a pejorative term originally applied to Japanese motorcycles and which later expanded to include Japanese cars or any East Asian-made vehicles. Variations include rice rocket, referring most often to Japanese superbikes, rice machine, rice grinder or simply ricer.

The term is often defined as offensive or racist stereotyping. In some cases, users of the term assert that it is not offensive or racist, or else treat the term as a humorous, mild insult rather than a racial slur.

«Rice» is a word that is commonly used to refer to making visual improvements and customizations on one’s desktop. It was inherited from the practice of customizing cheap Asian import cars to make them appear to be faster than they actually were – which was also known as «ricing». Here on /r/unixporn , the word is accepted by the majority of the community and is used sparingly to refer to a visually attractive desktop upgraded beyond the default.

The Openbox Window Manager is allows for custom key-bindings to be created, whereby designated combinations of key presses may be used to undertake virtually any action, and usually much faster than by alternative other means. In addition to being able to control the brightness of your screen, it is also possible to create key-bindings to control the volume as well.