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Linkoteca. window manager

This post is an explanation about my Openbox configurations and how to use them. Openbox is my favourite window manager, and it’s the first window manager I use. At first, I didn’t even know how to make Openbox worked. When I installed it and ran it, I just got a blank black screen and didn’t even know how to launch any application. I followed several guide but couldn’t understand it, I gave up. But after a while, I heard about Crunchbang. It came with preconfigured Openbox, and a complete set of software to make Openbox usable as a desktop. I really enjoyed Crunchbang and kept playing around with it. Playing with Crunchbang meaned learning. I learned a lot about configuration files and theming. Also about modular applications that could work right with Openbox. I also tried a lot other popular window managers, but still couldn’t leave Openbox.

The Openbox Window Manager is allows for custom key-bindings to be created, whereby designated combinations of key presses may be used to undertake virtually any action, and usually much faster than by alternative other means. In addition to being able to control the brightness of your screen, it is also possible to create key-bindings to control the volume as well.