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Linkoteca. Newpipe

…cómo bajarlo flac, un formato de audio de alta calidad [de youtube]:

youtube-dl –extract-audio –audio-format flac

Para bajar un vídeo con la mejor calidad, primero vemos qué opciones tiene con -F.

youtube-dl -F

Normalmente la de mejor calidad es la 22, por lo que lo especificamos con -f 22:

youtube-dl -f 22

On my journey towards being googleless, there is one service that has no match: Youtube. This site has the biggest catalog of videos. But, as great as it is, it also represents one of the main ways for Google to get revenue, serve ads and collect data from it’s users, which is big problem for people like me, looking for a way to stop them from getting every bit they can about my life.

I need Youtube, that’s how I learn stuff, that’s where my teachers upload their homework videos. And in times like these, it’s honestly the primary way of entertainment I have.

When I discovered Youtube Vanced, I was really happy, I had a way to consume Youtube without ads and, recently, without Sponsors. And yes, that was pretty convenient for me, but I still needed an account linked to the app if I wanted access to my Subscriptions.

So yeah, I was still being watched by Google, and it was not until a week ago, that I decided to do the full switch, and I installed Newpipe