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Huh, any idea which ODM?

That’s not something we disclose, and to my knowledge nobody managed to figure out for our existing lineup. Regardless, these aren’t white-box devices we are simply repackaging. We work with an ODM to make customizations to a reference board/design, including (but not limited to) keyboard layout/feel, hardware kill switches, display type, hardware TPM, display type, chassis materials, etc. All of which add significant NRE cost (which we have to pay upfront)

Purism is a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC), which means we put social good above exploiting people. Librem One is a bundle of services—chat, vpn, email, social, and more—from Purism, SPC.
We believe that privacy and technology can be moral and convenient. Librem One allows you to reclaim your privacy, securely communicate to your friends, and does so easily with your freedoms intact. We bundle all the tools together for you to replace the privacy invading, locked-in, exploitative big-tech services. Putting you in charge of your digital life.
We provide products and services based on values that society wants, that respect digital civil rights. Welcome to Librem One, socially responsible services from Purism.