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Cartografía crítica del Estrecho de Gibraltar. Hackitectura

Following Deleuze and Guattari’s premise of cartography as a tool of action rather than representation, DeSoto was part of the collective that founded, a platform engaged in critically visualizing geopolitical power relations. experienced a continuous interest in cartography as a tool for both the acquisition of critical knowledge but also as a form of activism.

Rather than representing a pre-existing world, cartography implies the identification of new relations, territories and machines, new ways of agencing and ‘subjectivity production.’

We need maps to keep on organizing the protection of the commons, natural and cultural ones (even though this difference doesn’t make sense anymore). Water, air, and culture are all under critical threat in our current time. We are at war, the Fourth World War as the Zapatistas coined it, against Neoliberalism and the ultra-right movements.