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Le droit à l’action nous permet d’aller au-delà de la notion de liberté individuelle d’accès aux ressources existantes. Cette approche met en avant le droit d’intervenir dans la création et la transformation de notre environnement, en tant que corps collectif. Cela implique la reconnaissance de l’exercice d’un pouvoir d’agir collectif dans la configuration de nos lieux de vie.

City Island, an island in the heart of the city. It’s occupying the vacant site of a former public indoor swimming pool. A developer demolished the building to build a new shopping center. But financial crisis interrupted these developing plans and the plot became a leftover, surrounded by a construction fence right in the heart of the popular and pulsing district of La Latina, Madrid.

Here the collective exyzt installed it’s on 3 weeks extended contribution to the noche en blanco of Madrid. The city island, was a temporary but lively public space to enjoy the shade of the rainforest and its lagoon. After three weeks and a massive public interest, collective exyzt moved but left sufficient building material and a well prepared ground for a neighbourhood initiative, which supported by local architecture collectives started El Campo de Cebada.