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Linkoteca. monitorización

Some scripts for displaying a weather forecast on your conky.
They use Accuweather, Weather Underground, National Weather Service (USA) and

They all rely on the same principle: download a bunch of pages, parse them and isolate the necessary info for conky to find.
There is something for everyone: from the minimalistic (1c), to the humongous, larger than life, «I’m a meteorologist» aspect (4).
Check out Conky Companion as well: a graphical app which can help you create your own conkyrc files easily.

When it comes to monitoring your Linux system, few tools can rival Conky. This lightweight system monitoring utility can help you to keep an eye on virtually any aspect of your system, and it offers a huge list of options to choose from. But this flexibility comes at a price: all Conky’s settings are stored in the .conkyrc file, which you have to create and tweak manually. The good news is that once you understand the inner workings of the .conkyrc file, you can easily create powerful Conky configuration profiles.


  1. Conky Configuration File Commands – Conky settings stuff above the TEXT line.
  2. Conky Variables – Conky display stuff below the TEXT line.
  3. Time Format String Variables – Used by all TIME variables in Conky.
  4. Installing Conky – The quick Conky installation guide.
  5. Notes – Explains things or keeps things from getting too verbose.
  6. About Conky – A short explanation of Conky just in case.
  7. Conky Tips and Tricks – Examples for showing non-native and dynamic information in Conky.