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Linkoteca. Mike Stone

Recently IRC has been in the tech news because of an “event” with the Freenode server. Freenode is the IRC network that many open source projects call home. After a really public breakup between the owner of Freenode and a fair number of the people working for the network, a new IRC network was created call Libera Chat. I thought that maybe now was a good time to try some new channels on a new IRC network.

The last thing I’m going to mention, and this is on me not Pine64 in any way, it caught me off guard that it’s running Manjaro. It shouldn’t have since it’s on the box and on the phone itself, but it did. I’ve been using Mobian with Phosh on the PineTab, and Manjaro with Phosh looks pretty much identical, but obviously tools like apt aren’t there. Tomorrow when I have the chance to look around a little bit more, I’m going to have to get myself in the Manjaro head space instead of a Debian based distro. I’m looking forward to it.