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Go , go #OpenSource. Watch this video and see how data actually works!

This introduction to Native IFC covers all the basic concepts, code, libraries, and tools to get started building your own Open Source AEC tools.OSArch:

OpenBIM is the practice of BIM in a vendor-agnostic manner. For BIM to be vendor-agnostic, BIM data must be defined using an open data standard, and BIM practices should follow standardised workflows. An example of OpenBIM involves sharing BIM data using IFC and DXF file formats. An example of closed, or proprietary BIM, is sharing BIM data using RVT and DWG file formats.

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), is an Open Data schema and set of formats used to store OpenBIM data. It is developed and maintained by BuildingSMART International. IFC data can digitally describe many concepts, including:

Physical objects in our built environment (walls, slabs, columns, pipes)
2D and 3D geometry that represents objects or annotate objects
A diverse set of properties and attributes spanning many domains
Materials attributes and display colours
Construction planning, resource allocation, and scheduling
Quantification of elements
Roles and responsibilities of organisations and individuals
Design strategies and legal constraints
Analytical models for structural analysis, energy analysis, and light analysis