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Linkoteca. Thunderbird

There was a time when Thunderbird’s future was uncertain, and it was unclear what was going to happen to the project after it was decided Mozilla Corporation would no longer support it. But in recent years donations from Thunderbird users have allowed the project to grow and flourish organically within the Mozilla Foundation. Now, to ensure future operational success, following months of planning, we are forging a new path forward. Moving to MZLA Technologies Corporation will not only allow the Thunderbird project more flexibility and agility, but will also allow us to explore offering our users products and services that were not possible under the Mozilla Foundation. The move will allow the project to collect revenue through partnerships and non-charitable donations, which in turn can be used to cover the costs of new products and services.

he first thing you must do is log into your Nextcloud account. Go to the Contacts app and, in the bottom left corner, click on the Settings gear icon. Click on the menu button (three horizontal dots) and then, from the drop-down menu, click Copy link.

Now head over to Thunderbird and open the Card Book tab. In this window, right-click the left pane and select New Address Book.

In the first window of the wizard select Remote and click Next. In the second window (Figure C), select CardDAV and then paste the URL from Nextcloud in the URL area. Type your Nextcloud credentials below that and click Validate.

Once the validation succeeds, click Next. In the resulting screen, give the Address Book a name, select a color, and then click Next. In the final screen, click Finish, and you’re done.

If the newly created Address Book doesn’t immediately sync, click the Synchronize button, and you’re good to go.