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We can cycle through the reproduction modes by pressing the m key. The modes define the range of song which are considered in the library view. When using the all from library mode, all the song in the library will be considered. In the artist from library mode the player will consider only the songs in the library which belongs to the same artist of the song which is currently playing. Finally, in the album from library mode, the player will only consider the songs belonging to the same album of the one currently in reproduction.

If the C function is active, as in our case, when cmus finishes reproducing the currently playing song, it will automatically start playing the next one in the list. To toggle this functionality we must press shift+c.

If the R function is active cmus will start again reproducing the group of songs we selected once it reaches the end of the list. For example, if we are using the artist from library mode, once all the songs of the artist are played, the player will start reproducing the artist’s collection from the start. For this function to be effective the C function must also be active. When the S function is active, the player is in shuffle mode, so it will choose random tracks from the library.

When the F function is active the player will always automatically select the current playing song on the list. To be more clear, suppose we have the C function enabled: when the player finishes playing the currently selected song it will start playing the next in the list, but, by default, it will not “select” it (it will not highlight it with the “selection bar”). When the F function is enabled, instead, the two things will always be in sync, and the song currently in reproduction will always be selected automatically.